Coming Attractions
Danny Works:
has major role in The Song; in theaters now; name in opening credits

with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte on A Walk in the Woods

on Robert Whitlow adaptation of Mountain Top.
photo by Jacob Hatley

Video Clips!

Walking Dead

Appeal to Governor
The Campaign
with Will Ferrell

Walk the Line

with Reese & Joaquin

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Previous Gigs.
Danny works:

* again with Will Ferrell. He plays Elder Dan on The Campaign
as St. Louis coach Eddie Dyer in Harrison Ford's Jackie Robinson biopic 42
* as the eponymous Neyland, as legendary Tennessee football coach. Debuting spring 2012
* as international spokesperson for YellaWood. See it at yellawood.com.
* with MacKenzie Astin and Gary Grubbs in Hell And Mr. Fudge. Now released.

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