* plays James Blake, Rosa Park's infamous bus driver in Behind The Movement.

* plays Don Fab in the new TV show, Lodge 49, starring Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt.

* is the Hog Man in Diary of A Wimpy Kid:  The Long Haul.
Video Clips!
Walking Dead
Appeal to Governor
The Campaign
with Will Ferrell
Walk the Line
with Reese & Joaquin

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Previous Gigs.
Danny works:

* has major role in The Song; in theaters now; name in opening credits
* on Robert Whitlow adaptation of
Mountain Top.
again with Will Ferrell. He plays Elder Dan on The Campaign
as St. Louis coach Eddie Dyer in Harrison Ford's Jackie Robinson biopic 42
* as the eponymous Neyland, as legendary Tennessee football coach. Debuting spring 2012
* as international spokesperson for YellaWood. See it at yellawood.com.
* with MacKenzie Astin and Gary Grubbs in Hell And Mr. Fudge. Now released.

Who's Watchin' Danny?