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The only "opoly" game that is shaped like the town it represents.

As you walk up famous McCrackin Street you'll see the Whistle Stop Cafe on the right, or maybe Habersham Winery on the left.

Go up further and you can cross the tracks and go to East Juliette or the Mill.


On the right is a listing of all the pieces that come
with your 13 X 10 game board.

Game pieces and game board are shipped in shrink wrap.

Have fun !

Instead of playing for houses, this time its tomatoes; green and red.  You'll need them to fight against the vicious merchants who want take you for every tourist dollar you have.

As you land on "$$" or "RR"
you'll discover more about
Juliette and its
Mayberry-esque folk . . .

Yeah right, "Khhhhhk"
(that's the sound of a knife drug across a fellow merchant)

All in good fun.

The game was created by a local artist and materials
are printed by local businesses and at the Fried Green
Products office . There is no corporation behind this as
each game is created one at a time. Hours are spent
printing and cutting and wrapping. This makes the
game a valuable collectible and also not as cheap
as what you would buy in stores.

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